Thursday, July 14, 2011


I was so exited when I found out that we were going to M.O.T.A.T.When we got there there was a girl Stacey she helped out around M.O.T.A.T.The first activity that we entered was called the Tactile Dome.Once we got in there I was so freaked out but they told us that they weren’t trying to scare us they were trying to see how good our senses were.Me Jonita Tyla and Raeleen.Once we got in the dome I felt things on my feet but I knew that they weren’t bugs.Then we started feeling,it was pretty slippery because I was wearing my socks.Then I felt a net and then we climbed up it.When we got up Jonita found A slide then we slid down it.It was pitch black and freaky.As soon as we got down.I was fumbling and clutching thing as went passed.And then we went down Another slide and we were finished and then I said in my head yes were out.

Later on we went to the game room there was electric sort of ball and that means that if you feel the ball and you touch someone you will electrocute them.And then there was the spinner the spinner was sort of like a scooter but it twirled,whirled made you dizzy and you almost spun off.And then the earthquake cafe was my favourite there was massive vibrations and you were just shaking a lot.After that we went to the mirror maze once we got in there I started running and then I accidentally ran in to A mirror.

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