Monday, December 17, 2012

In The Year 1623 I Created My Newest Invention

I just came home from an exhausting day of LEARNING. I wanted to entertain everybody so I invented, and invisible lolly, it has the most flavour then anything else in the world.  

So I just went to the shop just next door to my house. I drove over to the shop and bought some invisible strawberry, banana, chocolate, blueberry and raspberry. Then I went back to my room and started to invent. I named it "The Anonymous Taste". It was great I had everything planned out. Until my big brother came. He stole all of my lolly wrappers, he just destroyed everything. But it was okay because when we had to go to sleep I snuck into his room and stole some of his stuff. I stole his stuff so that if he didn't give my stuff back I won't give his stuff back.

The next morning I woke up, he ran into my room and yelled " where are my favorite pair of Jeans. I said sarcastically " I don't know" :D. He sad he'll give my lolly wrappers back if I give his jeans back.
We both shook on it and gave our stuff back hand to hand. 

Then I went back to inventing. I tried to feel where I put the lollies, I felt ikt and then I put into the wrapper. I put it in then I unwrapped it so I could be the first one to eat it. And that was the century I became a INVENTOR and a BAKER.

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  1. Hi Porscha,
    It's Destiny
    I loved your invention, can you give me a heads up on where bouts it is, I can get some invisible strawberries I need it for my strawberry cheese cake. But maybe next you can use a bit more of descriptive writing. But still where bouts the shop.


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