Friday, February 17, 2012

Blog Blurb

Kia Orana, Aloha, Bula Vanaka and Hello,

As you know my name is Porscha, Welcome to my world I am 10 years of age,you could explain me as funny,crazy,sporty,bossy and annoying. I live in a family of four, Me,my mum my dad and my little brother. My dad’s from Moerewa and mum’s from Matakana Island

My hobbies would have to be swimming and traveling. I’m the kind of girl that eats a lot but you just can’t see it.


  1. Hello POrscha I really liked your story and you are a little bit annoying but you are still cool. Nice work keep it up

  2. Hi Porscha,

    I really enjoyed your about me post or blog blurb. Those were some very true things you wrote. Maybe you should check your writing for punctuation.

  3. Hey Porscha,
    I really enjoyed your post but I know that you will never be annoying to me.Next time you should check your work properly because you have missed some full stops.
    Keep up the good work!
    From Jorja

  4. Hi Porscha i really like your story i can't want to see your next blog post and keep up the good work


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