Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Ashlee, I guess you could describe her as funny, tall but short, bossy and just simply amazing. She has short black hair and dark/light brown eyes, she loves to bully her little bro, and most of all loves to hang out with me :D. 

She has got a very different personality to everybody else, she is a very very very CONSIDERATE person...once you get to know her. And I know that she is really funny DEEP, DEEP down. :)

She loves playing netball and all sorts of sport. But the thing that we have most in common is that we like stay at each others houses while eating JUNK!!

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  1. I can tell from your description that you and Ashlee really click. It's great to have such as good friend. I think you could have told your audience a little bit more about her personality.
    Keep adding the interesting details when you write and make sure you read your post out loud to check for those little errors before you click publish.
    Mrs Nua


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