Monday, May 13, 2013 :)

“Walking into the hall, being surrounded by cameras, T.V presenters, and what not”. “We immediately thought that it was someone very special”.  We sat down, then Mr Burt asked us, “So, is anyone familiar with the band, The Black Eyed Peas?” Everyone started chanting, “then I clicked, its WILL.I.AM!!!”

Due to the traffic, he was a bit late. So we practiced our school song... “to taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake”  next we practiced how we were  going to welcome him.... WELCOME WILL.I AM, yep, we're ready. Mr Burt Agreed

WILL.I.AM, dashing through our very own school hall. You could just hear everyone whispering, “ why us?”. As our very own mysterious V.I.P guest,  we welcomed him with a very huge, enormous, CHEER!! “ Welcome WILL.I.AM”

“My heart was beating a hundred times a minute”, as soon as he sat down, Vivienne started the day off with a prey in tongan, then Patrick, started saying his prey in maori.  Then Kapa Haka got welcomed onto the stage, to capture the audience, once again... “HE”, woohoo :D
There was a little break, then Hip Hop took the crowd by storm.

Everyone thought that this special moment was coming to an end, then WILL.I.AM, walked up with a $100,000 cheque. He told Pt England School his very own personal childhood story. Then he handed the cheque to the adult, Patrick. The way he said thank you is called a Hongi.

After that a member of the hallenstein brothers, came and presented him a Pounamu, they said a very long speech, that i’m surprised that I understood. After a very long time, we finally sung our School Song. Then we got sent to class.

The End


  1. Hi Porscha. I enjoyed reading your report on's visit. Great use of speech to add emphasis on how you all felt on the day. Looking forward to reading another post from you very soon.

  2. Hi Porscha
    Nice story about you really captured my attention.

    Keep up the good work and keep writing I'll be looking forward to your next post

    Bff Ashlee


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