Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Christchurch earthquake
Yesterday was a devastating day for the people who is living at Christchurch.
I was devastated listening to my mum even talking to my dad about the earthquake at Christchurch.
It was 6.3 magnitude.It is smaller then their last earthquake but it made more damage.
But the worst bit about it was that 75 people
lost their lives and that people
are trapped under collapsed buildings and rubble I felt very sorry for them.
There was many aftershocks.
This one was bigger than the last one even though it was smaller but the reason it was bigger is because that it was closer to the ground.
There was liquefaction in the ground and it was ruining everything.The rumbling and the shaking destroyed the buildings,causing rubble and bricks to crush cars and buses.


  1. Hi Porscha I like your work you have done put you have to put more detail in to it.But I would be scared and I would be crying if my family died.Your story is lovely and I enjoyed it.Is anyone from your family live in Christchurch its pass away?

    from mele

  2. Hi Porscha
    I really liked your story.It is really nice of you to feel sorry for them.It would be scary for me if i was trapped under collapsed buildings.How would you feel?
    Anyway great story!

    From Kaycee

  3. Hi Porscha
    i really like your story about the earthquake.I fell sorry for the people in Christchurch because the kids in Christchurch don't have a school and buildings have fallen on top of each other
    PS love your story

  4. hi porscha
    i like your story keep it up i cant wait to read your blog
    PS raeleen


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