Friday, February 28, 2014

My thank you letter

Dear Ms Erick,

It was a pleasure having you at our School picnic. We all really appreciated your help. Your help was really important because there were a lot of children to be looked after. There were even children trying to go for a swim when it wasn’t their time. It was very helpful what you did, so thank you very much.

Before Pt England School went to the picnic, we met at the hall, to ensure that we had our hats and that we had enough parent helpers. We were told to bring our own lunch, so I filled my bag right to the top.

My favorite part of the day was taking selfies, eating & chilling on the beach with my main friends. I was trying to do the splits on the sand, but it wasn’t working. Sorry for hitting you with the ball. It was an accident :) Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

From Porscha

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  1. What a charming letter Porsha! I can tell that you had a wonderful day at the picnic. Isn't it a blessing that we have so many adults willing to help out on the day or we would not be able to go.

    Mrs Burt


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