Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day Assembly ^-^

Well, there was an assembly today, we arrived at the hall and Mr Burt said " Don't stand up, this isn't the national anthem". He started playing the guitar faintly, then sung the words, "I love you, you love me". And I couldn't help but do the actions. Then we stopped. "Etu!" (stand)  Mr Burt yelled out. I saw the whole school stand right before my eyes, it was awesome!

We had finished the National Anthem, and Mr Burt got told to disappear. So he did. Then Kaycee played a video. It was about a group of people dancing. It was cool. Then during the video those same people on the video ran onto the stage & started doing their dance, it was pretty cool. After that finished, four ladies walked onto the stage, while doing Samoan dance moves. It looked exactly like they were gliding.

They're performance quickly changed, into more of a haka, only one lady was gracefully dancing. The others were like warriors looking at their prey. When they finished, Gloria ( prefect ) walked onto the stage and asked the first lady in line some questions.  She answered them and yeah :) what what what?

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