Friday, March 9, 2012

My Christmas Holidays

For my Family X-mas holiday we went to Thames. On Christmas I was so exited to go to Thames, lucky we weren’t camping. One of my aunties live there so that’s lucky for me. As soon as we got there I saw all of my cousin’s my Nana and my Grandad, aunties and uncles, then we shot off to a waterhole. My auntie Wah lead the way because we didn’t know where we were going.

All of us started to park up, and all you could see was a steep hill and of course we had to climb down it. It was about a 30 second walk. But when we got there it was sooo pretty, there was a big cliff , a humongous waterfall. As soon as I touched the water I knew it was going to be freezing. So I got the craziest idea to just jump in, and I did. I started to swim over to the other side to the cliff, it looked pretty big from when you were close up. Just on the left you could see a rope to get up to the top, I got up then I peeked by the edge and I almost slipped. First my cousin Jasmine jumped and then her sister then my uncle. It took about 15 minutes to convince me that it doesn’t hurt. But I jumped. I was screaming on the way down but I faced my fear.

After about 25 times of jumping off the cliff I wanted to see how deep it was, and it never ended.But then I got up to the top.Then we all got out and started going back to my auntie’s house. We had to wake up real early and then go home. When we got home me and my brother saw a humongous tramp. That night we started putting our tree down it took about an hour, because there was movie on and I kept on stopping to watch it.

But that was my Christmas and I hoped you liked it.

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  1. Hi Porscha.
    That sounds like an exciting holiday and you were very brave to jump off a cliff! I like to go on holidays and see lots of my family too.
    I like the way you have separated your story into paragraphs. That makes it into easy readable chunks. Keep up the good work.


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