Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Aussie Rules

Every Wednesday Room 17 and 16 go to have relaxing time. Wait a minute Aussie  Rules isn't relaxing its hard core. The first week we went our mentors introduced their selves "Hi my name Sam everybody calls me sandwich. And my name Anita. Okay lets get started with the drop Punt. Its sort of like drop kick. But you kick with your hand.

" Come on guys get a partner". Me and Jonita were buddies. We started kicking the ball instead. She kicked it far as.   Then we got told off by Anita. Finally Sandwich blew the whistle and as soon as you blinked everybody was holding their hands up. Then we swapped around. We got told to stand on the baseline.

We got a ball for each team all of the teachers that were there had to stand on the other side of the court and we had to either try kick the ball at them or throw it and they weren't allowed to move, but Mr S did. I didn't hit any of them. Jonita did. After a while I was getting angry.

After that we had to add up all of our points and guess how many we got. Two. Seriously Two, anyways the bell went a while after that. Then I figured out that I forgot my shoes, so I quickly ran back as fast as I could because it started raining. And when I there they were soaked.

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