Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

It has been an awesome year. We are in term 4 with about 1 more week of school left. Every second to last week before the term finishes we have to take our, Netbook, our netbook bag and our charger to see if they're in good condition. Then they come back so we can take them home over the christmas holidays. It has been a challenge throughout this year to try be responsible, to take care of my Netbook.

Being cybersmart is very very easy, all it means is that you have to be smart on any piece of tech. I like to be creative with my netbook especially with my writing. I think that our netbooks help us with solving problems, because if we're not really sure what the answer is then we can just use the internet :D. Also we need our netbooks to take charge of why we have them. If we don't know anything, we don’t have to bother a student or a teacher, we can just search it up on the internet.

My dream improvement is, Making our netbooks faster to turn on. I also want the internet to be a lot faster. I have actually noticed that the hinges are very weak so that means they can break easily. Also it would be very cool if the class would be able to share up to 2-3 Ipads so that means we won’t need that many Imacs. It would make our creating more portable!

Overall this year I think it has been great working with our netbooks and it was really fun. I’d like to say thank- you to Mr and Mrs Burt for making all of this possible. Next Year I would like to improve on my writing and maths but I know i’ll get better because we have our netbooks.

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  1. OOSH , nice explaining of your netbook I enjoined it. Hope next time I get to read more awesome storys of yours Porscha. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! xD


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