Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stress all round

Every Christmas we have this big feast. And like I think everyone is with me on this one, "Christmas is not Christmas without food". Well this one Christmas I had to put COOKIES!!! out for Santa. I actually snuck in and ate all of them : D. The next morning I woke up and there was no presents. I was acting very depressed so I went to go do a prank on my mum to make me feel better. I grabbed a bucket and filled it with water. I creped up into her room and then soaked her. Then I went to go do it to my brother I was slightly tipping it on his face and whispering " Your drowning, Your drowning". He woke and tried to beat me up, It was hilarious. But it still didn't make me feel better. So I went to go and eat xD.

About an hour that I went to go look at the lounge to see if the presents were miss placed. It took me about an hour just to look around the whole lounge. That was the point I was getting frustrated. I thought to myself why didn't I get any presents for CHRISTMAS, and I was thinking doesn't everyone get presents from Santa. Then it was lunch time that is probably my favourite part of any day. Me my Mum My dad and Brother, were sitting and eating in peace until I asked my mum " why didn't I get any presents? Well it isn't Christmas yet. Turns out there was a week to go till Christmas. I started laughing and I could\not stop : D.


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