Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Living Nightmare

“Kicking my feet up waiting for sunrise, did I mention im up north”. In my head thinking what I should do. Then it came to me, literally, it came to me. There it was sitting right next to me, a BIG, FAT SPIDER!!!. There I was  screaming like no one else was in the house.

Running into the kitchen hopping onto a long chair, I was in so much shock that I was determined to overcome my fear and catch it then of course throw it outside into the wilderness where it belongs. So I went into my room and got some sellotape, heaps and heaps of pillows. After that I grabbed a BIG bowl from the kitchen, then I went off.

It was so fast, but that didn’t stop me. I smacked the bowl down and what do you know it ran outside. I grabbed a stick and flicked it away.

“Note to self: Do not ever go back up north”


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