Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Own Creation

Porscha Jahlisa
Smiley, Weird, Long, Out-going
Child of Juanita and Thomas
Lover of food, family and sleep
Who feels bored when she listens to the teacher talk too long, feels free when she finishes all of her work, who feels tired when I have to run for P.E

Who has been to parakai, waiwera, hastings
Who wishes she could have gone to Raro, London, Samoa
Who is scared of Heights, Sharks and anything that will eat her.
Who dreams of running around the world in 100 days, drive to america, go to Michael Jackson’s house.

Who is determined to work hard to get a scholarship to any good College
Who values being with her family.
Who is proud of going to Pt England School
Who graduated from…
Who lives New Zealand
Porscha Jahlisa

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