Friday, September 19, 2014

Cross Country Writing

I woke up and wondered what I would come in Cross Country. I swiftly jumped out of bed, slipped my uniform on, and made myself some toast. I put my green clothes into my bag and said my goodbyes.

Last week on Thursday, my school (Pt England) had Cross Country. It started at 1pm. The whole school had to meet at the netball courts next to the outside toilets. When we arrived, we were put into age groups, from Yr 1 - Yr 8 boys & girls. I was put into the Yr 8 Girls Group.

When the Yr 1 boys were called up to go and race, I was so excited for them. Mrs Nua had announced that the Yr 8 Girls would be last to race. Asena and I kept ourselves occupied by taking action photo’s of people already running.

The Yr 1 - 5’s had a different course to run, it was much shorter. The seniors course was 3 km, and the Juniors had to run half of that. ‘Yr 8’s, Yr 8 Girls?’ Mrs Nua exclaimed. All the Yr 8 girls stood up, and it looked pretty cool because we were wearing our house colours. It was kind of like a rainbow.

‘Ready, Set’ Mr Burt said aloud. ‘Bang’ went the little pistol. It sounded like more of a ‘Pop’ to me. Kaycee and I sprinted to the goal post and before we had reached the end of it, we stopped for breath. I counted 100 strides before I rested, waited for 10 seconds, then started running again.

After completing one lap of the course, I had to run through it once more. At this point I felt like pulling a sickie. My throat was dry, my feet were killing me and my face was dripping with sweat.

I had finished my last lap around the reserve, just before I entered the gates, I saw Mr Barks and Mr Sommerville cheering. I was pumped enough to run the rest of the way, but I decided to just walk, because I knew I wouldn’t get a prize. I let Cheyanne and Anamei overtake me. I saw Serenity at the finish line yelling my name, “Go Porscha! Go Porscha!.” She yelled. I jogged past the finish line and hugged Serenity, I walked to the tap and washed my feet. The bell went, I walked to class then left school and went home.

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