Monday, September 22, 2014

My Weekend.

‘Arrrrrrgh!!’ she exclaimed. She clenched onto my hand as if the world was ending.

‘Drive faster!’ she demanded. At this point my hand was turning purple. I had the job of writing down how far apart the contractions were with my spare hand.

We parked up, I ran to the boot and grabbed all the bags, then we power walked to the elevator.

My mother pushed number 9, as we were in the lift I felt the floor being soaked in some type of liquid, then I realised my auntie had broken one of her waters.

She was panicking, my mum told her there’s no need to worry. ‘It’s perfectly normal’ my mum said softly. Once we reached the top she had another contraction, she walked like a penguin to the corridor, she then leant on the wall and relaxed.

Her partner asked the receptionist what room ‘Tegan Webster’ was in. ‘Last room on your right’ she replied. ‘Thank you’ he said. When we arrived at the room, there was a huge bath filling up. It had to be 101 Fahrenheit as it could be too hot for the baby.   

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