Friday, October 17, 2014

Last Immersion Assembly

At the beginning of every Term my school (Pt England) have what’s called an Immersion Assembly. It’s where the whole school gets together to share some items related to the topic that term.

This Term, our topic is “Art Attack”. The reason this is the topic is because it’s something different. We have teams in our school, they represent the different age groups. So Team 1 would be for the 5 & 6 yr old's. etc.

Team 1’s item was about how this term, they are going down to the local beach. It’s literally down the road from my school. The reason they’re going to the beach is because they’re going to make individual paintings of the beach.

Team 2’s was a movie, about colors! It was also about mixing colors together. For example, Red and Blue makes....Purple. It was really cool. Team 3’s items every Term are always my favorite. Mrs Barks illustrates what her group is going to do. She introduced 4 different artists.

Team 4 was the same as team 3, Team 5’s was awesome! They made paintings of Mr Burt, Mr Jacobsen and Mrs Jarman. It was cool because it was like an actual painted photo.

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