Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Future Aspriations.

Mr Samuels was the first guest to talk about his career. Also, his previous career. He was one of the presenters for What Now! New Zealand's no.1 kids show. He gave us a saying, ‘To Miharo Hoki’ which means, ‘you are amazing’ in english.

The next person was Paula, which is actually pronounced as ‘Bola’. He’s really funny, he told us a story about how he loved to swim when he was around our age. One day he made it into the interzones, the reason he won all of his games is because while his other competitor were getting tired they slowed down, but Paula was tall. So he used his height to his advantage. While the people to his side slowed down, he put his legs on the ground and started kicking from the ground. When he tried that at the interzones, he completely failed. The water was too deep for him to touch the ground, he took in too much water and passed out. The lifegaurd took him out, and resuscitated him. His friends looked at him for a while.......’Shame!’ the all yelled. When he got back to school.

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