Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Holidays

On the first week of school it was my brother's 15th birthday. So to celebrate we went to Denny's. I'm pretty sure you want to know what I ordered, I ordered Millennium burger, Fish and Chips, 3 cheese burgers and for dessert Oreo Thick Shake, Banana split, Hot Fudge Cake and a deep fried banana with a deep fried Moro bar. Obviously I didn't eat it all to myself. And I know that I you thought that I was a pig.  I was starting to pack up and start getting ready to go until my mum told me there was a surprise birthday cake. Then I slowly walked to the table and sat back down. Asking everybody if they wanted my cake I saw a bin. But then I thought why would I waste that much chocolate. So I managed to eat that all.

About ten minutes after that we started giving out presents. He opened the first envelope that was from my aunty there was 200  dollars in it and four movie tickets. The next one was from me, I gave him 100 dollars and a card, and the last one was from my mum and dad they they gave him 150 dollars. That's the point we started getting ready to go.

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