Monday, July 16, 2012


Today we had an Immersion assembly. An Immersion assembly is when all of your school gets together and explains what your topic is about. Our topic for this term is, Go For Gold.

Team 1 was First it was a video about Ms.George meeting famous people in their houses. The first person she met was a famous high jumping New Zealander. hen she went to visit another famous person. He was runner and he represented New Zealand.
Then came team 2 Their one was another movie. It was about the three Keys to being perfect. First Key: Practice. Second key: Practice. Third Key: Practice. And that makes perfect.

I'm actually going to skip team three because no offence it was pretty boring. So lets just skip to team 4. This act I liked the most. Because none of them had talent. Boriss was next and he was telling the whole world that he spearfishes, he said he's been practicing for the past week. Next was Olga she was going to try out for swimming but the only problem was she didn't know how to swim. "Iv'e been practicing how to swim in my bath and I can't wait to start swimming in some water above my head". Barbie, barbie barbie barbie. Barbie has spent most of her life swimming in the sea as a mermaid. One day barbie went to go sit on a rock out in the open. She met a guy a guy met her. And then they fell in love, until he left her so she regretted leaving her graceful swimming. Then there was shattered dreams. One day he was riding on his scooter and he tripped over and his right hand landed on the road and one one the footpath. When he goes swimming and he uses his right hand to swim he goes to the left side. And that just ruins it all. At the end they all acted together at sincrinised swimming .

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