Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cross Country

“Stand up 9 year old girls!” Mr.Somerville announced.We began walking to the reserve, for our cross country race. Shivering with exitement we got to the start line. When I thought that we were going to start running, the 10 year old boys got told to stand up.”Go!” shouted Mr Burt, and they all sprinted off.

Eventually it was time for the 9 year old girls to stand up. Mr.Burt said, “ On your marks. Get set. Go!” Ashlee,Kaycee and I started sprinting furiously.But after a great start I started lagging behind. I felt like I couldn't breathe properly. It felt like my lungs were screaming.

Once we got up to Ms.Squires the track started to get narrow.I was too scared that I was going to fall in the creek. People were bumping into me trying to push past. “Stop it!!” I yelled. Eventually I made it past the narrow bit. But when I was back on track Brandon and Lorenzo were blocking everyone. I pushed Lorenzoout of the way and I moved on.Stumbling down the stairs I was thinking, “Oh oh I’m going too fast I hope I don’t fall down.”

I ran up a steep hill thinking, “I hope the end is close.” At the top of the hill I saw Tyla Baker. ”Go Porscha! she yelled so I started sprinting. Just as I was going to start to walk I saw Tyla and Jonita and they started yelling Run.Run!And I sprinted to the finish line.

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