Monday, November 7, 2011

Our delicious Ice cream comets

Today we are going to make our self a eatable Comet talk about exiting.

As soon as lunch finished we started.Eagerly waiting Im feeling numb already.Miss Squires announced that we had to get in a circle and crush some biscuits with hundreds and thousands and chocolate sprinkles YUMMY.

I was next in line it was like my heart skipped a beat. I was so exited,scooping the ice cream out of Miss Squires hand it was like I had lost feeling in my hand it was so numbing.Crouching down to put my coating on my hands felt sticky and gooey.

I quickly ran to get a cone and dribbled my Ice Cream into it. Then we had to go outside to eat it.Some people were recording and was being an egg and going close up.Well I had a great time today it was awesome.
And that's my story.

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  1. Hi Porscha
    It's me Ashlee I just wanted to say that they looked really yum even though I was in your class. Some thing's you need to work on making it make sense and have more details like this
    As soon as lunch finished we started. you could tell us what you were doing.

    From your friend Ashlee


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