Monday, June 11, 2012


Have ever dreamt of just chocolate. Well I always do, because I'm a chocoholic. Yes I admit I usually stuff my face with chocolate. I started drinking chocolate when I was about 3 weeks old. Chocolate milk. And I know someone who loves chocolate even more than me Ashlee, my bestie.

Once I had a dream that me and my family went to a swimming pool and it was made out of chocolate, I was practicably swimming and eating swimming and eating at the same time. It was so delicious I didn't think it was actually a dream until my brother woke me up and I was so angry at him. But then  I eventually I fell asleep. Even though it was a different dream but it was still about chocolate.

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  1. Hey Porscha,
    I am a chocoholic too. I really like your story. Just thinking about chocolate makes me go crazy! I would do anything for chocolate!!! Again that was a great story. I can't wait to see your next awesome post.

    From Jouan :)


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