Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Last day of School.

To be very honest, I'm going to miss school. All my friends, my favourite teacher! And most of all, Lunch! But I'm only going to be away for 2 weeks. My highlight of Term 1 would have to be Fia Fia night. Because it was just so full of energy, everyone was so happy and proud of their children, getting up on the stage and dancing as hard as they could. One of my highlights from Fia Fia night, was when Rowana came onto the stage, with a huge knife. She looked so beautiful. The only way to describe her dancing is Graceful. It was honestly my favourite part of the show!

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  1. Hi Porcha,

    This is amazing and cool. I think that is very nice to say . Amazing work I will miss this school and my friends plus my teacher too. So cool that you say that and it has a lot of detail.

    From Nikita


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