Friday, May 16, 2014

Article Summary.

I’ve recently read an article about “SONAR”. Sonar stands for, sound navigation and ranging. Sonar is a type of machine used underwater to find lost objects such as, shipwrecks. The machine sends out a sound wave, when the sound wave hits the object, it reflects off of it. Sonar can detect how far the object is by sensing how long it took for the sound wave to get back to them. Although, there are negatives to this machine. Sonar can interfere with Marine life. This is also known as, sound pollution. All animals have a unique way of communicating. Whales communicate with what we know as, "whale songs". This is their own type of sonar. It helps them hunt for food, as the ocean is so dark, you can't see a thing. The reason our sonar interferes with the whales sonar, is because its really loud. And whales have really sensitive hearing. This causes whales to swim up to the surface to quickly, which causes decompression. Decompression can cause internal bleeding and hearing loss. When the whales run out of air, they pass out. Then, the whales float to shore.

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