Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Upgraded Writing ^-^

This term (term 4) our topic is “What In The World Is Going On?”. This morning we were assigned to do a writing sample about what we did in the holidays, but for the year 8’s they had to write about their memories of being at Pt England School :)

As I walked into the arcade section I spotted the car racing game. I slotted in my token with no time to spare. “3,2,1 GO!!” I grasped the wheel, I shielded the pedal with my foot, zooming past the other 7 cars I was so dignified. With 30 additional seconds I put the pedal to the metal. I was awarded 30 tickets for coming first.

Walking over to air hockey,  I put my coin in the socket and off I went. “CLING, CLING” the putt went. I clenched onto the handle with only 4 seconds on the clock. I smashed the putt into my goal!! I claimed another 100 tickets.

I sprinted over to the ticket machine, I gently put in my tickets, I pressed the big red button. Out came my receipt, I ripped it out, it said “ 130 tickets” on it. I went to the prize booth and I went to see how much 130 tickets were worth, It was worth a bunch of stickers -_-

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