Monday, March 31, 2014


Netball is a game played with two teams of seven. Netball may look simple, but lets just say, It’s easier said than done. This sport requires seven positions for each team. Centre, Goal Defence, Goalkeeper, Wing Defence, Goal Shoot, Goal Attack, Wing Attack. My Strongest positions would have to be, Centre and Goal Defence. Netball is a very complicated sport, you basically have to try and get the ball down to your team’s goal, without getting the ball out. At the same time, defend your opponent.

Last year (2013) I was one of the lucky girls to be nominated to trial for the Auckland Reps. Mele, Jay’lee, Mary, Mary I, Jessica, Grace, Quziyah, Hope, Makerita, Serena, were the girls that were nominated as well. I made the Auckland Reps that year.

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